Botanical Name : Mentha Arvensis

Synonyms : : : MENTHA ARVENSIS
Appearance : White-Transparent Solid Crystals
Odor Description : Fresh Characteristic

CAS. # : 2216-61-5

FEMA # : 2665



Flash Point : N/A

Insoluble in : water
Optical Rotation : -55 / -46

Refractive Index : N/A

Specific Gravity : N/A

Additional Information:


Handling and storage:

Should be kept in sealed packing, protected from direct light contact and in cool and dry location. Quality must be checked if stored from more than one year.


The purpose of the analytical values mentioned is only and solely to describe the product. The values were determined just after production. Liability of certain or the suitability for a specific application cannot be deduced from it.

Alterations can result due to improper transport and/or improper storage. The values donít prevent user from the responsibility of undertaking his own test of the characteristics of the product suitability in the intended application.